Video's for my project

The videos will be updated as I become more proficient in using Camtasia Studio. Maybe also in Danish.
So turn back now and then.

Public toilets in Denmark - Showing how the site is functioning - VIDEO - 6:48 - contains speech. If you only want to see how you can print out a map showing the toilets on your way - watch 5:15 to the End.

VIDEO - 4:54 - showing how data flows through Drupal to Google Maps API online map and data sharing to download and end up in this Android app. All of Open Source.

I have made a copy of the original site explained in this GoogleDoc if YOU want to try log in as an council and test how all is functioning - VIDEO - 5:25 - contains speech.

Import a lot of OpenData to Drupal using a CSV file - VIDEO 2:49 - more info in GoogleDoc

Finding coordinates with DrupalGeocoder - VIDEO 1:28

Finding coordinates with MapchannelGeocoder - VIDEO 1:23

Finding coordinates with - VIDEO 1:18

Converting degrees:minutes:seconds TO latitude,longitude - VIDEO 1:00

Showing public toilet's on StreetView - VIDEO 1:00