Video's for my project

The videos will be updated as I become more proficient in using Camtasia Studio. Maybe also in Danish.
So turn back now and then.

Public toilets in Denmark - Showing how the site is functioning - VIDEO - 6:48 - contains speech. If you only want to see how you can print out a map showing the toilets on your way - watch 5:15 to the End.

VIDEO - 4:54 - showing how data flows through Drupal to Google Maps API online map and data sharing to download and end up in this Android app and iOS app. All of Open Source.

I have made a copy of the original site explained in this GoogleDoc if YOU want to try log in as an council and test how all is functioning - VIDEO - 5:25 - contains speech.

Import a lot of OpenData to Drupal using a CSV file - VIDEO 2:49 - more info in GoogleDoc

Finding coordinates with DrupalGeocoder - VIDEO 1:28

Finding coordinates with MapchannelGeocoder - VIDEO 1:23

Finding coordinates with - VIDEO 1:18

Converting degrees:minutes:seconds TO latitude,longitude - VIDEO 1:00

Showing public toilet's on StreetView - VIDEO 1:00